Friday, February 12, 2016

(2) Two Worlds Colliding

8 personally feel like we barely have similar things between both communities/worlds. We do, do volunteer hours especially for school like for NJHS. We do get jobs that suit ourselves. 

I think that there is a lot more differences;
        -We don't call each other by our age numbers.
        -We keep track of our age no matter how old we are.
        -We don't have Nurturing Centers.
        -Babies and older people don't get released.
        -We don't get assignments/careers at the age of 12.
        -We don't have big celebrations or ceremonies for our age or "release"
There are many more things that are different in Jonas' world and in our world. In my opinion.

I wouldn't really want to live in Jonas' world because I wouldn't really want to have my job chosen at such a young age, what if I don't like it or it really doesn't suit me. I wouldn't want to have family feeling time after dinner. I feel like if your family knew about certain things, they would be upset, and it's dinner, so that would be upsetting! Overall, I wouldn't want to live or exist in Jonas' world. Even though our world isn't perfect, I would chose the one I'm in, over Jonas'.

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