Thursday, March 17, 2016

(16) Reading/Writing Workshop

I was writing about future goals, or basically my feelings. I don't really feel comfortable talking about it because it's just more personal. Just like about this guy I like and about Hingis I love about him, and things that my future would contain, with him. I also had a whole bunch of them that I read over and ripped out as well. I only ripped them out because he asked for them and of course I want to give them to him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

(15) Thinking

1) I really enjoyed the part when Jonas first found out that the people in his community didn't love. And right after the Giver told him about it Jonas went to ask his parents if they loved him and they said that alive was unmeaningful. I thought that part was very crazy and like WOAH! Love is very important and in this community it isn't. That's crazy to know. I also really enjoyed the last part when the Giver and Jonas make a plan so that Jonas is able to escape and find elsewhere. After many many centuries someone will finally find Elsewhere.

2) n my independent reading book, the most interesting part would have to b the latest situations. Addie's mom deformed and now they live in a trailer and then on day her mom starts seeing this guy for a business and then she starts coming home with work things and she isn't with Addie most of time when Addie needs her and I just think it's crazy becaus when sh comes home she expects Addie to be safe, and happy when she rarely seen her.

3) The last part of the Giver bothered me because I thought the end was going to go more in depth and be more intresting instead of it just ending all blah. I would expect a longer ending, atleast explaining what happens to Jonas or an epilogue.

4) In my independent book what bothered me was when Addie finds out that the lady that works at the gasoline station and lives in the greenhouse has breast cancer. It just really sadden me. She's very nice to her and she cares a lot about her. When Addie's mom left for business meetings, the lady was there to take care of her and it just made me sad. She found out becaus she wanted to show her something tsp he did at school and she wasn't at the front desk so she went up to the greenhouse and it was open and she walked in finding the lady's friend and her. I forgot what was going on but then the lady's fed left and sh told Addi. It's just sad to be fully honest.

Monday, March 14, 2016

(14) Alternate Ending



Chapter 24

        Jonas closed his eyes and fell to his knees on the snow covered ground. Holding Gabriel as tight as possible, and led out a weep of tears. Finally! They had finally reached their destination and they were ready for a new life. He slowly got up trying to ignore the pain and numbness from his legs and Gabe's weight that had finally become nothing but a feeling of a paper resting on his chest and holding on from his shoulders. 
        Every step taken was like new moments of happiness gathering in his mind. 
Then everything went dark.  Jonas fell down towards the snow covered ground unconscious. 

He awakened to the sounds of music, laughter, and warmth. These things seemed confusingly new to Jonas. He felt a very soft and warm blanket on him. He slowly opened his eyes. Curious he looked around the room. There were lights everywhere! Upfront was a tree covered in beautiful decorations and presents. Different shapes, sizes, colors. The memory that he once experienced had seem to become reality. The colors brought the whole place alive. It was like he was living inside a dream. It was beautiful. Finally Jonas turned to his side to find a women with antler ears topped on her short light hair. She picked up a bowl of warm soup from the counter next to her and offered it to Jonas. Of course Jonas accepted. He had been hungry and weak for the past few weeks and needed this. The women brought out a spoon and sunk it in the soup, she brought out the spoon and brought it close to Jonas' mouth, then fed him.        
       This all reminded him of when he was a new child. When mother had to pretend to be his comfort object in order for him to accept his food. It was a good memory, but nothing better than the new life that was beginning.

"Where is Gabe?" Jonas asked while taking his second sip of soup.
"The little child with beautiful light eyes?"
"The people in our community saw him weak, hungry, and very filthy, so they took him to the children's hospital." She pointed to the big building with a white hand and blue background logo outside the snowy window.

"I need to see him! Is he okay? Will he be okay? What will you guys do to him?" Jonas seemed to be getting very angry. Was it the lack of sleep and discomfort he had been living through for the past weeks, months?

"Jonas everything will be okay, he will be okay. You'll be able to see him once you've had enough sleep and strength."
"But I need to see him now" Tears began streaming down Jonas' cheek. Tears of mixed emotions. Happiness, worry, anger.

"Jonas, it's time to rest."
Jonas slowly doze off. He seemed to be drifting into a dream. Not a stirring, not a bad memory, a real dream.

        He was in the sky, floating. There's was nothing but a blue sky and clouds surrounding him. There was a nice breeze that came once in a while. Then he saw something. He wasn't scared, but alerted. It seemed to be a black dot. Curious, he began getting closer and closer. The black dot seem to spread out into a figure. It was the Giver. He was standing with his hands by his sides, one holding a girls hand. He looked happy. The girl had luminous eyes, and a big bright smile across her face. Rosemary, Jonas thought. She the let go of the Givers hand and skipped towards Jonas. She was quite short, so he knelt down.
She whispered into his ear, "you'll be happy, I promise."

Then she turned, skipped towards the Giver and waved goodbye. Jonas slowly got up and watched them slowly disappear into the floating clouds.

He knew he would be happy. This new life had everything. color, feeling, love. Gabe would grow up happily, with all of the great things Jonas fought to have. This made Jonas happy.

He awakened to the sound of birds chirping, a summer breeze, and the sounds of leaves clapping against each other. Gabe lay in a crib motionless with a smile on his face. This was the start of a new, happy life. This was the Elsewhere that no one spoke about, the place where everyone thought nonsense about, the place that seemed galaxies away. This was the Elsewhere of happiness. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

(13) Famous

I would like to be famous while living. I don't know something about just being remembered gets me thinking like, no one would ever know me while I was living except for the closest people. Then while I'm famous, people do know me, not all of me, but they know me and I find that very great! I would like to be famous and not remembered after death, than unknown and remembered.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

(12) Legacy

I want to be known for my great inspiration. I want to be known and remembered for dedication and motivation for fitnes. I want to love myself and I want others to love themselves too! I want to be remembered for dedicating myself to lose weight and to be fit. I want to be the motivation for others to love themselves. I don't want to be known as the lazy, unfit, unispirational person. I want to be something. I want to be known and remembered for something good and inspirational.

Friday, March 4, 2016

(11) Reaction to release

I think that these chapters were extremely crazy and mind-blowing. It's crazy how and why Rosemary got released. Like how? I'm just mind blown. What really had me thinking was when Jonas' dad released the new child. That was crazy. I thought that the releases were much more painful and dramatic. I think it's good that they aren't that dramatic, like they aren't making the people freak out or suffocate. I also think that it's crazy how they just shove you inside the black room. What's in there ? Why do thy put you in there ? Are there people inside there or on the other side that are going to take you, like from elsewhere ? There are so many questions that I have and hopefully they get answered.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

(10) Understanding

I really don't feel some type of way towards Jonas' community. I just think that it's so unrealistic. I really don't understand. Like first of all its crazy how your life is basically planned out. You're not able to experience new things because everything must be put in an orderly way.

I feel that I understand it more in Jonas' perpective because everything is happening to him, and if it was from someone else's perspective it would be different because you wouldn't know what Jonas' was doing or thinking. Everything would just be blah, because we wouldn't know too much. Then again everyone has a different perspective of things and instead of learning about Jonas we would be learning about that other person.