Monday, March 14, 2016

(14) Alternate Ending



Chapter 24

        Jonas closed his eyes and fell to his knees on the snow covered ground. Holding Gabriel as tight as possible, and led out a weep of tears. Finally! They had finally reached their destination and they were ready for a new life. He slowly got up trying to ignore the pain and numbness from his legs and Gabe's weight that had finally become nothing but a feeling of a paper resting on his chest and holding on from his shoulders. 
        Every step taken was like new moments of happiness gathering in his mind. 
Then everything went dark.  Jonas fell down towards the snow covered ground unconscious. 

He awakened to the sounds of music, laughter, and warmth. These things seemed confusingly new to Jonas. He felt a very soft and warm blanket on him. He slowly opened his eyes. Curious he looked around the room. There were lights everywhere! Upfront was a tree covered in beautiful decorations and presents. Different shapes, sizes, colors. The memory that he once experienced had seem to become reality. The colors brought the whole place alive. It was like he was living inside a dream. It was beautiful. Finally Jonas turned to his side to find a women with antler ears topped on her short light hair. She picked up a bowl of warm soup from the counter next to her and offered it to Jonas. Of course Jonas accepted. He had been hungry and weak for the past few weeks and needed this. The women brought out a spoon and sunk it in the soup, she brought out the spoon and brought it close to Jonas' mouth, then fed him.        
       This all reminded him of when he was a new child. When mother had to pretend to be his comfort object in order for him to accept his food. It was a good memory, but nothing better than the new life that was beginning.

"Where is Gabe?" Jonas asked while taking his second sip of soup.
"The little child with beautiful light eyes?"
"The people in our community saw him weak, hungry, and very filthy, so they took him to the children's hospital." She pointed to the big building with a white hand and blue background logo outside the snowy window.

"I need to see him! Is he okay? Will he be okay? What will you guys do to him?" Jonas seemed to be getting very angry. Was it the lack of sleep and discomfort he had been living through for the past weeks, months?

"Jonas everything will be okay, he will be okay. You'll be able to see him once you've had enough sleep and strength."
"But I need to see him now" Tears began streaming down Jonas' cheek. Tears of mixed emotions. Happiness, worry, anger.

"Jonas, it's time to rest."
Jonas slowly doze off. He seemed to be drifting into a dream. Not a stirring, not a bad memory, a real dream.

        He was in the sky, floating. There's was nothing but a blue sky and clouds surrounding him. There was a nice breeze that came once in a while. Then he saw something. He wasn't scared, but alerted. It seemed to be a black dot. Curious, he began getting closer and closer. The black dot seem to spread out into a figure. It was the Giver. He was standing with his hands by his sides, one holding a girls hand. He looked happy. The girl had luminous eyes, and a big bright smile across her face. Rosemary, Jonas thought. She the let go of the Givers hand and skipped towards Jonas. She was quite short, so he knelt down.
She whispered into his ear, "you'll be happy, I promise."

Then she turned, skipped towards the Giver and waved goodbye. Jonas slowly got up and watched them slowly disappear into the floating clouds.

He knew he would be happy. This new life had everything. color, feeling, love. Gabe would grow up happily, with all of the great things Jonas fought to have. This made Jonas happy.

He awakened to the sound of birds chirping, a summer breeze, and the sounds of leaves clapping against each other. Gabe lay in a crib motionless with a smile on his face. This was the start of a new, happy life. This was the Elsewhere that no one spoke about, the place where everyone thought nonsense about, the place that seemed galaxies away. This was the Elsewhere of happiness. 

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