Tuesday, March 15, 2016

(15) Thinking

1) I really enjoyed the part when Jonas first found out that the people in his community didn't love. And right after the Giver told him about it Jonas went to ask his parents if they loved him and they said that alive was unmeaningful. I thought that part was very crazy and like WOAH! Love is very important and in this community it isn't. That's crazy to know. I also really enjoyed the last part when the Giver and Jonas make a plan so that Jonas is able to escape and find elsewhere. After many many centuries someone will finally find Elsewhere.

2) n my independent reading book, the most interesting part would have to b the latest situations. Addie's mom deformed and now they live in a trailer and then on day her mom starts seeing this guy for a business and then she starts coming home with work things and she isn't with Addie most of time when Addie needs her and I just think it's crazy becaus when sh comes home she expects Addie to be safe, and happy when she rarely seen her.

3) The last part of the Giver bothered me because I thought the end was going to go more in depth and be more intresting instead of it just ending all blah. I would expect a longer ending, atleast explaining what happens to Jonas or an epilogue.

4) In my independent book what bothered me was when Addie finds out that the lady that works at the gasoline station and lives in the greenhouse has breast cancer. It just really sadden me. She's very nice to her and she cares a lot about her. When Addie's mom left for business meetings, the lady was there to take care of her and it just made me sad. She found out becaus she wanted to show her something tsp he did at school and she wasn't at the front desk so she went up to the greenhouse and it was open and she walked in finding the lady's friend and her. I forgot what was going on but then the lady's fed left and sh told Addi. It's just sad to be fully honest.

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