Monday, April 18, 2016

(17) When is there dignity in silence?

It was about yesterday when I started to talk to my sister about the time I woke up and she woke up. She hasn't been to work in about 9 months and she doesn't wake up until like 1pm and I was talking to her about that because I wake up at 6am everyday and she didn't believe me. The whole situation turned into an argument and she was saying that well she stays up until like 3am doing things but most of the time she's watching movies or shows which she could be doing better things at earlier times. I guess I should've kept myself silent because she got mad and didn't talk to me for a few hours until I splashed water on her. That was funny.

There are times that I wish I did stay silent but I mean things happen. Especially when things don't seem to be going right or something is unfair I find it better to argue but I know that's not the case. Although those things did happen, I think that dignity in a situation is always key.

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