Monday, April 25, 2016

(20) Intro Poetry Reflection

1. I think a poem should include feelings and in depth details about a subject. If you're talking about a story, I think you should include your feelings towards the situation, details that put together that subject, and just extra things here and there that put the subject together and you're able to understand and be able to picture the subject or situation in your head. I think it should also rhyme just to spice it up a bit. Sometimes I feel like rhyming helps me understand things make because it's entertaining.

2. I don't think that poems should have too many words or phrases because although it's trying to get in depth about what it's about, it gets boring and now it just feels like a whole bunch of words are being thrown at you.

3. The Bradstreet poem didn't have stanzas , it was just a big junk of words and phrases.

4. They both had rhymes here and there that really put them together.

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