Friday, April 22, 2016

(18) 42 Reflection

Discrimination in my own words would have to be when someone is avoiding someone or being rude to another because of their race, religion, and gender. With race it's similar to Jackies situation. They didn't allow him to be on a baseball team because he was a negro and everyone else was white. They didn't allow him to do much because he wasn't "accepted." With religion it's almost similar as well. People get offended and sometimes just hate other religions; Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Muslim and many others. And lastly with gender; girls, and boys. I guess it still happens today but a long time ago  people didn't let girls play boy sports or sports with guys period. Or when they said that girls were only meant for working at the house and not providing because that was a men's job. I think that discrimination is very big especially on these three topics. I'm sure there are many more but in my opinion this is discrimation.

One time I went to the store to go buy groceries with my parents and I was standing by the candy isle looking around and I saw this African African man and he had bought some stuff. He had his hand in his pocket and he was looking at the floor. Then he got close to the door and before he stepped out, a cop that had his eye on him stopped him. The cop was white and he told him to take his hands out of his pockets and the black man asked him why. The cop just started yelling and arguing with him. So finally he took out his pockets, dropped his grocery bags on the floor and the cop searched him. Then the man said, "you only searched me because I'm black." Then he pointed to a white lady that was heading out and said "why don't you search her?" The cop just told him to shut up and leave. I thought it really sad because I mean it's true. People pay more attention to the race you are and then begin to assume unrealistic things.

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